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Vintage Renewal will teach you how to make your own eclectic bohemian styled home furnishings through the reuse of vintage and recycled materials.  Scroll down and learn more!

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Indie Redesigner, Jeanne Connolly believes “To create, is to inspire”.

Countless magazines would agree!  Luxe Magazine calls Jeanne “a Style Maker”.  Flea Market Décor Magazine, Romantic Country Magazine, Readymade Magazine, Natural Home Magazine, 303 Magazine, Denver Magazine and blogs like Apartment Therapy, Design Sponge and Poppytalk have all featured her work along with dozens of others. 

Initially, Connolly was starved for knowledge on how to rework all of the amazing Vintage Finds she scouted on a weekly basis.  After a short stint as a visual designer at a large retailer on Madison Avenue, Connolly packed her bags and headed from New York City to Colorado where she would combine both a fashion design and upholstery program to create her own artistic furniture redesigns.  Connolly also boasts certificates in Redesigning Spaces, Merchandising, Interior Decorating and Pattern Making.

Almost a decade later, Connolly takes the guesswork out of the question “where do I learn this?” and proposes to create a comprehensive video and e-book series sharing her secrets and ideas on redesigning your space with vintage finds and furniture redesigns.

The Vintage Renewal Redesign Institute presents the concept of an affordable, comprehensive educational learning series that you can follow at your own pace, in your own space, giving you the skills necessary to redesign existing vintage pieces and materials into usable art for your home. 

It’s so exciting that doing something so fun is also an act toward a healthier planet and better consumer habits.  Best of all, discover your own creativity and personal style and take pride in your living or work space! 

So why not choose to “Go Green With Jeanne” at Vintage Renewal and learn how you, too, can redesign the home décor you already own that actually reflects your own personal artistic style? 

Through this new school of thought, Jeanne Connolly, of Vintage Renewal shares her secrets and unique, organic design process through the creation of The Vintage Renewal Redesign Institute.


The Final Series


The final series will include:

1.    A comprehensive video and ebook series sharing Jeanne’s secrets and ideas on redesigning space with vintage finds and furniture redesigns. 

2.    Tips on how to rethink the use of other cast away objects and how to create your very own furniture redesigns.

3.    Students completing the video and ebook series, along with additional testing, can eventually become a certified Indie Redesigner through the Vintage Renewal Redesign Institute. 

What are the benefits?

  • Whether you are a creative person looking to expand your skill set, or a hobbyist looking to create an inspired living space for yourself, you will be excited to have this set of ideas, tips and tricks at your fingertips!
  • Be the first to invest in a better planet and a new way of rethinking salvage and redesigning beautiful vintage pieces with character.  Stop and rethink things you alreadyd own and become part of the wave of creativity in redesign that has been inspiring huge success in sites like Etsy and dozens of others that support indie design as a small business.
  • Learn the skills you need to save our planet one redesign at a time at the Vintage Renewal Redesign Institute.  Brought directly to your home, by ours.  Learn at your pace and in your own space!  Take the steps now to make this educational series possible. 
  • There is currently no comprehensive series in existence that will teach you the skills necessary to decorate with vintage finds and to create furniture redesigns for your home or small business.  Act now and help the movment to help the planet through this inspirational series and learn my unique organize design process in your very own home!

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