Interior Redesign

Our Interior Redesign Process begins with rethinking materials and tired design elements that you may already own in your home.  We restyle them into high design.  We make suggestions on what you might need to love your space again.  We rearrange the pieces you already own with big punches of color and big style in mind. 

Most people love the things that they purchase, but may not have the design "know how" to arrange these pieces in the most productive way to showcase their space.  Vintage Renewal will help you to use what you have, and make you fall in love with being home again!

We embrace and combine interesting textures, vivid patterns and beautiful imperfections.  We hunt down all things interesting, eclectic and one-of-a-kind if you don't already own them.  We create interiors and furniture so unique they can only be referred to as usable art for the home.  We are Green, we are High Style, We are Vintage!

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