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DIY Princess Bride Inspiration

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Have you been to this amazing concert venue?  Modeled after a Greek Amphitheatre and nestled in the natural Red Rocks this venue is gorgeous, with view of downtown Denver to boot! 

The thing that I love MOST about the Red Rocks Amphitheatre is that they also show "Film on the Rocks" throughout the entire summer.  This is a really cool way to get outside and watch a movie in this beautifully scenic place for only $15 a pop.

For those of you that want to get really sassy, you can come dressed up for films.  Some of these films have such a cult following, that it's fun to get really into character to amp up the entire experience.

My crew and I decided to do just that during the showing of "The Princess Bride" this summer.  Here is a photograph of my DIY Princess Bride Outfit.

That Buttercup is a hard act to follow, but I did my best using a doily, felt, gold spraypaint, fabric stiffener, gold shimmer mod podge (, Old Costume Jewelry with the backs cut off, elastic, E6000 Craft Glue ( and a few hours to kill.  So much fun! 

We decided to get dressed up in costume the actual day of the concert, so it's good to have some silly things on hand for last minute DIY adventures.  I happened to be a massive creative hoarder, so this was no problem over in my hood. 

Hope you enjoy the costume DIY inspiration!  Happy Theme Parties to you all!




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