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Vintage Renewal Got Featured In Flea Market Decor "Vintage Christmas" Edition

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Okay, now that we all got past Thanksgiving (one of our fav holidays here at Vintage Renewal) we can finally post about our feature in Flea Market Decor's "Vintage Christmas" Edition.  If you are looking for some Christmas Inspiration for your loft, pick up a copy on newsstands now. You can find us on pages 12 and 13.  Happy Holiday inspiration friends!  

Vintage Renewal has been featured in 5280 Home Magazine!


Vintage Renewal has been featured in Denver's hottest magazine, 5280!  Please come check out our story is titled "Retro Remix" by Caroline Eberly.  You can have a look at the full article right here at


Vintage Renewal Shares Design Tips With Groupon!

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Vintage Renewal shares summer furniture redesign tips with Groupon.  Come see the full post here at

Issuu- Hanker Magazine # 3

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Issue Three of the Australian Magazine Hanker is live.  Contributions from myself and Matt Schroeder are on pages 14 and 15.  American woman is playing in my head right now.  xoxoxo

Click on the images below to see the article on Issuu:


Image by Matt Schroeder of AVP Fly

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Are you familiar with Bloglovin?  Well, we LOVE it and just officially listed Vintage Renewal's Blog amongst all the fabulousness.  Woot! 

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Before and After: Vintage Headboard Tutorial

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No Sew Boho Chair Makeover posted on Fleamarket Decor Magazine:

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Grab that summer wicker chair from the sun porch, and get ready to merge these recycled materials for a fall fashion “No Sew Boho” chair makeover, EXCLUSIVE from expert indie furniture redesigner Jeanne Connolly of Vintage Renewal!

The first step is finding your fall color inspiration. Forget those color wheels! Go on outside for a hike. Let mother nature tell you what looks best together.

Photo by Jeanne Connolly

This project is meant to be fun and to get your creative juices going. All you need is your camera, a wicker chair, a closet to raid and the ability to tie knots to complete this simple, yet elegant bohemian luxe style for fall.

“Before” photo by Jeanne Connolly

I chose a Peacock shaped Rattan chair with a woven wicker back for my makeover. If your chair has been used like mine was, than you’ll need to do some easy cleaning to get it ready for the redesign. I used a scrub brush along with a product called Wood Renew and water to clean my wicker chair up for painting. A solution of equal parts bleach and water would work just the same if you do not have Wood Renew for the project. Make sure to use gloves to protect your hands. Clean it thoroughly and let it dry for approximately 24 hours. Then prepare the surface for paint with a surface prep like TSP. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Photo by Jeanne Connolly

Once the surface has been prepped for paint, take some of nature’s inspiration with you down to your local home improvement store to pick out your paint color.

Photo by Jeanne Connolly

I used a stick for my chair color inspiration. Since this project is all about color and texture, I decided on a metallic nickel finish for the chair color. To save time, I decided to spend more money on a spray paint that also doubled as a primer. It was money well spent! If you do not buy a primer and paint combo than you will need to take the separate steps to prime, than paint your surface area.

My chair makeover called for 6 cans of spray paint to complete. You can judge your own needs based on the size of your chosen project chair. Apply several thin coats and let dry in between sprays.

Photo by Jeanne Connolly

Now you are ready to take out those scarves and cami’s and get to work. Cut your recycled materials into strips approximately 2.5” wide and as long as the material will allow. Since this is a fun, stress free, redesign, there are no exact measurements to follow. Just start making strips and I’ll walk you through the rest.

You will want to use a fresh rotary blade with a rotary cutter for this project. I selected a blade with a decorative edge, but this is not necessary for the same end result. The most important thing is that you have a sharp fresh rotary blade before you begin.

Photo by Jeanne Connolly

Photo by Jeanne Connolly

Grab your first strip of material and use your scissor to cut the end of the scarf approximately 3 inches. You will use this cut area to make a knot around your wicker. Don’t tie it yet, just cut approximately 3 inches in.

Photo by Jeanne Connolly

Photo by Jeanne Connolly

Now the fun begins! You can decide on how much material you want to use to bring the color and texture into your own design. I decided on a diagonal start.

Photo by Jeanne Connolly

Take your “cut end” and make a knot around the wicker and through the back of the chair, keeping your long strip on the front side of the chair. Then start weaving your material through the wicker in the direction that you find the most appealing for your specific chair.

Photo by Jeanne Connolly

I went on the diagonal with my design. I just followed the lines of the chair. It’s super easy! You can decide just how far you want your own design to go. When your material strip is getting down to the end. Snip it again and tie it off around the wicker and out the back of the chair again.

Photo by Jeanne Connolly

That’s all there is to it! Keep cutting strips and tying them off until you fall in love with your chair all over again.

This project is meant to allow you to take this concept and apply it directly to the materials and chair that you choose to use for your makeover. Most importantly, it’s meant to be fun and to inspire you to see your old materials in a new way. Add high style to your home using what you already have or by hunting through your local thrift store and bringing their recycled materials back to life in a new way!

Here is the finished result:

Photo by Jeanne Connolly

You can take a winter scarf and wrap it around the base of the chair and use a faux sheep skin to add some bohemian style and replace that drab cushion.

Photo by Jeanne Connolly

Another idea is to drape a shawl down the one side of the chair:

Photo by Jeanne Connolly

If you like the idea of reuse and redesign and want to learn more, Indie Redesigner Jeanne Connolly of Vintage Renewal wants to show you how you can save the earth one redesign at a time! Follow this link to learn more about her exciting project!

For more information about Jeanne Connolly and more tips for repurposing your favorite vintage finds, check out her designer profile in Flea Market Decor’s upcoming Spring 2013 issue, coming to a newsstand near you in January 2013!

Written, styled and photographed by Jeanne Connolly

Edited for the web by Elaine K. Phillips

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Interview with Julie Dugdale | Senior Editor of 5280 Magazine regarding their current Homemade segment

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Catch the Home Improvement Guide right here.  Read what Senior Editor, July Dugdale of 5280 has to say to Vintage Renewal:
1. How did you select the designers and homeowners featured in this 5280 magazine: Home Improvement Guide?  
We reached out to our contacts in the interior design and real estate fields to begin making connections, and we profiled craftspeople and designers who we felt had specific, niche skills that may be of interest to our home-savvy readers or anyone looking to take their home to the next level in terms of either aesthetics or functionality—or both. The homeowner whose duplex is featured on the opening spread happened to have a perfect example of the hottest thing in home renovation these days: knocking out an interior wall to connect the living room, dining, and kitchen areas into one big open space perfect for home entertaining.
 2. What element of their personal styles or work stood out to the magazine most?
Each individual we profiled was beyond passionate about his or her craft or field. And when you hear or see someone else get excited about a beautiful piece of furniture or a living room makeover or a custom stone start to want that for yourself! You start to think about all the ways YOUR home could be better or prettier or more updated. And that's kind of the point: These artisans and organizers and designers are inspired by what they do, and that, in turn, inspires others.
3. Were you trying to find the most sensible pricing in the industry or was it the most interesting artisans that were found most appealing?
In this case, we really focused on the trade/craft first. Most services, whether its building a custom stainless steel coffee table or tweaking your home's "envelope" to make it more energy efficient or reupholstering a set of antique furniture, are priced according to scope of work and the materials necessary. And anything custom designed or built will be more expensive. The idea was to give our readers a taste of the services out there, give them a look at who's doing what in the home design and home improvement fields, inspire them to maybe call up one of these businesses and inquire about their individual needs. Home renovation is a very personal thing that can range from a bare minimum to complete extravagance.  
4. How is 5280 most interested in sustainability?
Sustainability has moved beyond buzzword or aspiration; it is a critical component of all that we do. There was a point when going green and being "eco-friendly" was the hip, new, trendy thing to do; now, sustainability is the overarching goal in everything from home design to clothing brands to traveling to business development to education. Especially here in Colorado, folks seem to be conscious of sustainability and the role it plays within our lives. At 5280, we frequently cover trends and businesses that demonstrate some element of sustainability because we understand the critical nature of the concept. The more we talk about it, the more people will get interested and become invested in the idea.
5. What is inspiring 5280 most now in terms of these Home Improvement ideas?
For me personally, I'm inspired by the idea of a big, gorgeous stone fireplace and a beautiful outdoor stone patio (Fessler Masonry's fireplace is featured in the mag). That just screams mountain living, cozy winter nights, and breezy backyard grilling to me. All the things I love!
As a whole, our staffers' biggest question when it comes to home improvement: Is it worth it? If we gut the kitchen and totally remodel from scratch, how reasonable will our return on that investment be? If we refinish the basement, will it add enough to our home resale price to make it worth it? So it's pretty nice to hear from our broker friends what various projects can mean for the bottom line, and to hear from an expert like Kayleen McCabe (from the DIY Network's Rescue Renovation) that you can give your home a little facelift without breaking the bank.
6. What is your secret design tip?
It's not really a secret; but however you choose to decorate your home, make sure it reflects you. Use magazines and websites for inspiration, but don't feel like your home needs to look like what's in a magazine if that look isn't you. Ultimately, you have to design your own personal sanctuary that feels inviting and welcoming and perfect—for you.
7. Where can readers continue to find inspiring ideas from 5280 magazine?  Will this guide repeat in the future with new ideas?
5280 hits newsstands monthly, and magazine content—plus web-only exclusives—is available at We regularly include "dwell" coverage (home design, real estate, home trends, furniture craftsmen, home entertaining, design companies, etc.) in shorter articles and in longer features, and this coming September, we'll be publishing our first-ever 5280 Home issue—so keep an eye out!
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We are excited to post our new Winter Lookbook 2012

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Please click open publication for full view:

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