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Happy Christmas Wreath Roundup!

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Christmas is near!  Happy Wreaths will spread Christmas cheer! 

Let's begin with Pom Pom's.  Yes, we love them, and just cannot get enough!  Check out the inspiring Pom Pom Wreaths below.  Click on images for the sources.

How about Yarn Wrapped Wreaths?  We love the creations from this fabulous Etsy shop.

Why not upcycle with some fab things around the house?

Or use Mother Nature as your inspiration with Wood Slices, Feathers and Leaves! 

We can't forget to mention our favorite Vintage Inspired Wreaths:

Happy Wreath making from Vintage Renewal!




Eclectic Trees to Light up your Holiday!

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Who says you have to hang your lights "around" the Christmas Tree?  Why not use the lights as the Christmas Tree?  

We rounded up these inspirational eclectic trees for your viewing pleasure.

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Simply string up lights in a triangle shape using manila tags as ornaments, beautiful! 


Zigzag your way to a perfect tree, like this beauty from the She's Lovely Blog.


Draw a tree template on packing paper or on a chalkboard wall, then hang your lights and ornaments to adorn it.  Adorable! 


Use driftwood as your guide for a wonderful woodland effect!



Who says the tree lights have to be inside?  This adorable setup brings Christmas cheer to the outdoors. 


We hope these ideas light up your day!  Happy Holidays from Vintage Renewal.




All That Glitters Is Gold!

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Shimmer your way into the Holidays with this inspirational gathering of Glitter DIY's ideas for the Christmas season!

If you've got glitter and cardboard, you are on your way to a starry Christmas with these adorable Glitter Stars from A Fanciful Twist. 


Grab the Sunday paper, some paper towels and glitter to create a fab mini Glitter Tree for Christmas cheer! 


Leave it to Martha to come up with this adorable Tinsel Snowflake Step-by-Step:


Hold the fort though!  Martha really outdid herself with this adorable mini DIY for Glittered Deer Table Decoration:


Get inspired by these Glitter Acorns by Etsy Seller The Midnight Orange:


We can't believe that Dollar Store fruit and glitter could bring us this much joy!  Check out these amazing Pears pinned from We Heart It!

Source: We Heart It

We hope that these clever ideas get your creating juices going for the Holidays!  Black Friday is upon us, and it's time to get decorating friends!

Happy Holidays from our home to yours!




Eclectic Fall Tabletop Styling for Thanksgiving Day


The colors of fall are so very inspiring.  What better time to showcase them than Thanksgiving Day!  Take some hints from the pros, and try working these deep beautiful colors right into your very own Turkey Tabletop. 

Let's kick it off with this simple table top setting by  Dried florals look so elegant in simple vintage pitchers, atop that fantastic farm table with extra chunky stylized legs; add some rustic twig inspired plate chargers, and a round up of simple, mismatched, second hand chairs.  We love it! 


Skip the vases altogether and use your vintage stemware for groupings of small floral arrangements that pack and punch!


A similar vibe over on tumblr at Southern Charm, but they use simple Mason Jars to house their fab florals.  Swoon!


Table for 4?  No problem!  Add a sheer polka dot tablecloth over a rustic farm table.  Easy styling tip, add a bowl of oranges and then call it a day. 


Pinner, Susanna Vanhanen

Why not create a bow out of your napkin and mix in some gold elements like


Get festive and hang bobbles of yarn from the ceiling that match a warm and inviting floral centerpiece.


Now all you need to do is get your dinner menu ready to entertain guests in style.  We do hope you feel inspired to give thanks for all your loved ones this Thanksgiving Day! 

Much love from our table to yours,



DIY: Lois Lane and Clark Kent Costumes. Easy Couples Idea!

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What to be for Halloween?  That was the big question this weekend.  My dashing gentleman friend was the spitting image of Clark Kent, but I was no Lois Lane.  What's a gal supposed to do in a crunch?

Here’s how I got inspired, as a blonde that doesn't even wear glasses:

1.  I did a roundup of my favorite online Vintage and Indie inspired Lois Lanes.

2.  I found just the right Lois Lane.  She was Vintage enough to get my juices flowing:

I loved that outfit, that poise, that hair, but could my hair really do that?  Probably not, so I kept looking. 

3.  Then I came across the best Indie, Lois Lane of all time.  Kate Bosworth!  Yes, please. 

I could definitely dig those glasses and that hairstyle, but how would I get those waves? 

4.  Thanks to Pinterest, I found this Hollywood Waves Tutorial that helped me on my way.

I do love that Kate Bosworth!  I just wasn't diggin that sleepy brown suit she was sporting in the picture above. I decided to take the pearl inspiration and then kept looking further for my final look.

That’s when I discovered this Lois Lane.  She had just the right fashion edge for me.  Adorable, I loved her style!

I have to say... I also love that she didn’t let Clark be the only hero.  She proudly sports her own superman logo under her white button up.  You go girl!  I was officially inspired.

This is what Clark and I came up with:

Some additional tips for the outfit. 

1.  I googled "Press Pass".  I actually found one for both Lois Lane and Clarke Kent.  I printed them out on cardboard stock and then used an eyelet and an Ikea curtain clip to secure the look of an official pass. 

2.  I could have bought an $8 superman shirt at Walmart like my Clark did.  However, I decided to go the recycle route.  I created an applique superman logo out of vintage fabrics on a shirt that I already owned.  I googled the Superman logo and then printed that logo on card stock to make my pattern. 

3.  The glasses were a key loaner from Clark. 

4.  My thrift store suspenders allowed me to wear that Lois get-up very proudly.  I used a skirt that I already owned.  The shoes and the white shirt were also from the thrift store. 

5.  Clarke really impressed me with his pinned open shirt and that wild tie representing his transformation into Superman.  He threaded a wire hanger through one of his ties and wallah!  DIY Lois Lane and Clark Kent at your service. 

Happy DIY Costume making for this Thursday!




The Best Boho Pumpkin Roundup!

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Here at Vintage Renewal, we are no strangers to the diversity of upholstery nail heads.  This is a very clever use for upholstery nail heads to decorate for the Halloween season.  Done wonderfully by the blog, Lovely Indeed.  We are in definitely in love, indeed!

Continuing on with the idea of embellishing pumpkins using repurposed metal objects, check out these Chalk Painted Studded Pumpkins by the blog Cuckoo 4 Design.  It's so Punk Rock Boho, and we are drooling:

This next line-up of Boho favorites took pumpkin painting to the next level!

Craft Tuts did a fantastic job making these pretty little pumpkins using nothing but pastel paint, and a ton of imagination:

Confetti Sunshine, was the sunshine of our day after seeing their Simple Patterned Painted Pumpkins, using spray-paint and markers:

I don’t know what Boho home wouldn’t love displaying these sweet little Watercolor and Glitter Pumpkins, by the Nest of Posies blog:

It also wouldn’t be a Boho Halloween without some cool geometric shapes.  Alisa Burke redefines creativity with these fabulous Geometric Painted Pumpkins:

Alisa doesn’t stop there.  I love these doodle sketch pumpkins that she sports on her website, especially if you want a black and white theme:

All right Alisa, stop impressing us girl!  We love these Patchwork Pumpkins just as much as the others:

You will also be dazzled by her Frida Inspired Pumpkins.  These darlins have fulfilled all of our “Day of the Dead” obsessing for the year.  This Frida Pumpkin even comes with a Boho Floral Crown.  Seriously too cute.

Got some extra nail polish in your stash?  We were very inspired by these amazing Nail Polish Marbled Pumpkins by Say Yes To Hoboken:

Is Decoupage your thing?  We love the Boho Woodland vibe that these little beauties are putting out.  Craft Tuts wowed us again with these beautiful Funky Decoupaged Pumpkins on her blog at:

There is always something to drool over on Etsy.  Catnip studio grabbed our bohemian heart using lovely Japanese Yuzen Paper on this Decoupaged Pumpkin sold at her shop:

I hope you are just as inspired as we were with our Best Boho Pumpkin Roundup.  Happy Halloween from Vintage Renewal!



It's never too early to start thinking about your Vintage Christmas Decor!

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Yesterday I was strolling around Lower Downtown Denver and decided to stop into the Tattered Cover.  Guess what I found?  Our sweet little 1940's Christmas Styling in Vintage Holiday Christmas Magazine put out by a Well Styled Home.  There are tons of great ideas on how to get your home Vintage Ready for the Holidays.  Hope you enjoy it! 

This magazine can be found out your local bookseller.  I recommend calling up your local Barnes and Noble or Walgreens to make sure they have a copy you can swing down and purchase.


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