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Locally Sourced Design by Vintage Renewal

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Hello friends!  I wanted to share a recently designed Vintage Renewal project, using locally sourced materials to style a downtown Denver loft.

We decided to design with hearty masculine furniture, walls chock-full of locally sourced vintage art, vintage tabletop accessories, DIY projects galore, and then topped off with some IKEA accessories.  

The Finished Product

The finished product is a sustainable design, locally sourced using vintage materials as the primary resource.  I hope you like it as much as we do!

xoxoxoxo, Jeanne

Bohemian Fireplaces to Warm Your Heart!

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Baby, it’s cold outside!  Vintage Renewal wants to warm you up in style.  We rounded up the most inspiring bohemian fireplace styles in preparation of the chilly months ahead!

We will start with our favorite Built-in Fireplaces.  These are the typical fireplaces you see in most homes.  They are built right into the wall and connect to a chimney that funnels the smoke out of the house safely. 

The white painted stone and animal prints are wildly interesting in this room below:


Deeply painted blue walls, leather chairs and animal heads make this fireplace pop off the charts:


Pinwheel bunting, vintage botanicals and adorable floral styling using nothing but recycled glass jars.  Drool worthy:


Bold blue tiles, formal art, seashell styling and a laughing jackass come together perfectly in this fantastic room:


Simple floral arrangements sit atop an amazing rustic mantel, simple chic styling, along with a great ethnic rug really wrap up the boho vibe in this special room: 


Next, we rounded up some adorable ideas for those of you with Non-Functioning Built-in’s below:

Use firewood!  Even if you can't make a fire, the rustic styling of wood in the fireplace adds instant warm and cozy boho style.




Got books to store?  Colorful books spines to match your modern chairs below.


Zig zag rug, faux fur and antlers.  Can we say anything more?


Another category that has us excited are Freestanding Fireplaces.  Freestanding Fireplaces do not have quite as much construction required and use vent pipes that act as chimneys.  So it's easy to put them in if your house didn't come with a fireplace and you want that warm and cozy feeling.

In this room, a collection of ethnic masks, a pastel rug and a rustic table are all making us fall in love:


Two things.  Floral wall and fireplace combo? Yes, please!


Why not heat up your bedroom with a wood stove, silloute art and an Indian inspired bedspread.  This arrangement equals love all the way to us!


Sunken lounge with fireplace via an Australian House & Garden from 1975.  This flashback room is very flash forward in our book!


The silver freestanding fireplace is bringing in the modern, but vintage vibe in this West Elm styled room.  We are loving the geometric art, the matching pillow and throw, along with that special splash of zebra. 


One final thought.  Don’t forget the blinged out firewood!  Check out this neon geometric firewood styling below:


Painting random pieces of wood from the pile, definitely make us want to smile:


Stay Warm an Enjoy!


Jeanne Connolly


Bohemian Cabin Decor by Vintage Renewal



Here is a little boho inspired style for all your mountain mama's out there!  Enjoy! 

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Bohemian Loft Living Room by Vintage Renewal

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Bohemian Loft living Room by Vintage Renewal. 

What really excites me about this room: the faded pink vintage tufted sofa with the ivory trim is definitely the star of the room for me, combined with the fabulous Carl Gliko abstract acrylic painting on canvas.  The rug and pillows bring such fantastic texture utilizing the combination of whimsical and natural hues.  The rough burlap and smooth silky vintage ties and scarves on the Vintage Renewal pillows offset that brilliantly faded, but still vibrant couch.

It’s important to bring the eye up and down the room using color and dimension.  For example, the ladder of pillows brings in both color and function.  Having a focus point for the color is very important too.  The abstract art ties in all the colors and has tremendous impact on the overall look of the room. 

The most important advice I can give on bringing new life to an old find is this, don’t limit yourself to the original use of the piece.  That sweet little toddler set started out as a solo abandoned school chair and a random collection of cast off materials.  With a little bit of imagination, that old wooden picture frame became a tabletop and the legs from a previously trashed mid century find transformed this salvage into a toddler’s chalkboard table.  Color match the fabric on the school chair with the paint on the table top and tie in the chalkboard paint on both pieces and you have a great little set for your little one! 

Splurge on some really interesting pieces in your room to add some old world charm and bold color, but mix it in with whimsical vintage finds and high design ideas.  You will have yourself a one-of-a-kind room people can’t stop talking about!  A white backdrop is a great canvas for lots of color splashes throughout your space. 

If you are afraid to add the bold color with upholstery, try a big colorful painting or splashing in colorful pillows on a more neutral sofa or chair. 

Live with the things you love because your home is just an extension of your own personal style.  Get ideas from your closet, if you are unsure how to add color into your space.  Think of your sofa as a pair of your favorite pants that go with everything and the pillows as your flashy belts and accessories.  How do you pair them up in your wardrobe?  That might help you find your own style at home too!

Have fun with it and enjoy your space as much as your favorite outfit!

Written by Jeanne Connolly of Vintage Renewal.

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We are excited to post our new Winter Lookbook 2012

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