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The Best Boho Pumpkin Roundup!

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Here at Vintage Renewal, we are no strangers to the diversity of upholstery nail heads.  This is a very clever use for upholstery nail heads to decorate for the Halloween season.  Done wonderfully by the blog, Lovely Indeed.  We are in definitely in love, indeed!

Continuing on with the idea of embellishing pumpkins using repurposed metal objects, check out these Chalk Painted Studded Pumpkins by the blog Cuckoo 4 Design.  It's so Punk Rock Boho, and we are drooling:

This next line-up of Boho favorites took pumpkin painting to the next level!

Craft Tuts did a fantastic job making these pretty little pumpkins using nothing but pastel paint, and a ton of imagination:

Confetti Sunshine, was the sunshine of our day after seeing their Simple Patterned Painted Pumpkins, using spray-paint and markers:

I don’t know what Boho home wouldn’t love displaying these sweet little Watercolor and Glitter Pumpkins, by the Nest of Posies blog:

It also wouldn’t be a Boho Halloween without some cool geometric shapes.  Alisa Burke redefines creativity with these fabulous Geometric Painted Pumpkins:

Alisa doesn’t stop there.  I love these doodle sketch pumpkins that she sports on her website, especially if you want a black and white theme:

All right Alisa, stop impressing us girl!  We love these Patchwork Pumpkins just as much as the others:

You will also be dazzled by her Frida Inspired Pumpkins.  These darlins have fulfilled all of our “Day of the Dead” obsessing for the year.  This Frida Pumpkin even comes with a Boho Floral Crown.  Seriously too cute.

Got some extra nail polish in your stash?  We were very inspired by these amazing Nail Polish Marbled Pumpkins by Say Yes To Hoboken:

Is Decoupage your thing?  We love the Boho Woodland vibe that these little beauties are putting out.  Craft Tuts wowed us again with these beautiful Funky Decoupaged Pumpkins on her blog at:

There is always something to drool over on Etsy.  Catnip studio grabbed our bohemian heart using lovely Japanese Yuzen Paper on this Decoupaged Pumpkin sold at her shop:

I hope you are just as inspired as we were with our Best Boho Pumpkin Roundup.  Happy Halloween from Vintage Renewal!



It's never too early to start thinking about your Vintage Christmas Decor!

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Yesterday I was strolling around Lower Downtown Denver and decided to stop into the Tattered Cover.  Guess what I found?  Our sweet little 1940's Christmas Styling in Vintage Holiday Christmas Magazine put out by a Well Styled Home.  There are tons of great ideas on how to get your home Vintage Ready for the Holidays.  Hope you enjoy it! 

This magazine can be found out your local bookseller.  I recommend calling up your local Barnes and Noble or Walgreens to make sure they have a copy you can swing down and purchase.


10 Open, Industrial Lofts That Feel Like Home

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Vintage Renewal was featured on today.  Are you familiar with 

Houzz is the leading online platform for home remodeling and design.   They make it super easy for people to get the design inspiration, project advice, product information and professional reviews they need to help turn idea into reality.  If you are a visual junkie like we are, you are going to love it!

With all that being said, you can sign up for a profile with and get design ideas and inspiration for all those little projects you have in your back pocket both at home and in your work studio.  You can create tons of different personal ideabooks for kitchen projects, bedroom projects, workspace projects, etc. also creates really cool ideabooks and sends them out to their mailing list for mass inspiration.  They love Vintage Renewal for these ideabooks and we love them right back! 

Today's ideabook was 10 Open, Industrial Lofts that Feel Like Home. 

Look for the Vintage Renewal loft in the lineup.  Click on the photo of the Vintage Renewal Loft below to take your straight to  Enjoy!  xo

Vintage Renewal Loft


Interior Redesign at your Service! Love your home again using what you already own.

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This is brandy new by Vintage Renewal, and we are shouting it from the rooftops people! 

Vintage Renewal is super excited to announce our new Interior Redesign Services, providing you with customized design direction from our Interior Redesign Expert and Indie Furniture Redesigner Jeanne Connolly.  Love your things, but don't know how to love them in your space? 

Click on the image below to be directed right to our store where you can view all the ways that Vintage Renewal can help you love your space again:


DIY Princess Bride Inspiration

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Have you been to this amazing concert venue?  Modeled after a Greek Amphitheatre and nestled in the natural Red Rocks this venue is gorgeous, with view of downtown Denver to boot! 

The thing that I love MOST about the Red Rocks Amphitheatre is that they also show "Film on the Rocks" throughout the entire summer.  This is a really cool way to get outside and watch a movie in this beautifully scenic place for only $15 a pop.

For those of you that want to get really sassy, you can come dressed up for films.  Some of these films have such a cult following, that it's fun to get really into character to amp up the entire experience.

My crew and I decided to do just that during the showing of "The Princess Bride" this summer.  Here is a photograph of my DIY Princess Bride Outfit.

That Buttercup is a hard act to follow, but I did my best using a doily, felt, gold spraypaint, fabric stiffener, gold shimmer mod podge (, Old Costume Jewelry with the backs cut off, elastic, E6000 Craft Glue ( and a few hours to kill.  So much fun! 

We decided to get dressed up in costume the actual day of the concert, so it's good to have some silly things on hand for last minute DIY adventures.  I happened to be a massive creative hoarder, so this was no problem over in my hood. 

Hope you enjoy the costume DIY inspiration!  Happy Theme Parties to you all!




Back to School Office Sprucing by Vintage Renewal

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It's "Back to School" time and we don't think that only the kids should have all the fun.  Give yourself a little office makeover and love your workspace again! 


Vintage Renewal Summer Flash Sale June 28 - July 4th! 7 days, 70% off all furniture!

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Visit us at or for huge 70% off savings now between July 4th!  Prices as marked online.  You don't want to miss this!

Want To Stand Out Over The Holiday Season?

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IndieMade Home

Do you want to stand out from the crowd over this holiday season?  I bet you do!  Come on over to's blog and read more about how you can do just that this holiday:

My Dirty Little Website Secret

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IndieMade Home

Want to learn my dirty little website secret?  Well, I am happy to share it with you!  It's, they are an Indie business life-saver.  It's the absolute best way to finding the best website platform for your Indie biz.  Come on over to's blog and read what I have to say about it"

Our Fun Loving Interview With Jennifer from

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IndieMade Home

We just loved our interview with Jennifer Rapp Peterson, found of our absolute favorite Indie website platform,  Check it out here on Indiemade's blog:


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