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Designer-Inspired Layered Leather Geometric Necklace


Organization Love: The Laundry Room

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Spring is in the air!  It's the perfect time of year to premier our creative organizing series called "Organization Love".  Today we are going to do some dirty work, right down in the laundry room.  The goal is to get it inspired and organized in this very frequented room in everybody's house. I rounded up some inspirational ideas on how you can get started!

I was very inspired by this charming little laundry room by Dottie Angel.  I just adore her fresh painted upcycled wash sink.  Those handmade upcycled nylon table cloth curtains are the perfect  quick fix to hide that unseemly clutter that easily builds up in that laundry area. 

Can't find all your socks?  Well, this cutie from the Etsy shop Inspired Trading Co. has got you covered!  This is just about the cutest lost and found, I have every seen. 

It's true, everything cleans up well when using cute kitchy containers.  I adore this cloakroom styling by Torie Jayne below!  

Don't forget to check those pockets for loose change before you toss in your next load of laundry!  Here is a great DIY. tutorial from Burton Avenue Blog on how to make this charming change catcher with scrap wood, vinyl lettering, a metal pipe clamp and a small mason jar.   

Personally, I am a girl with a lot of fabric scraps.  Naturally, I couldn't help falling in love with these patch worked baskets by Contanca Cabral.  They are perfect for storing that dirty laundry!

I am always amazed when I open up a clean organized closet!  It's usually not mine, but here is some inspiration on how to get there by Dabble in Chic

My final note is inspired by this last picture of the extremely organized closet.  I recently received something worth shouting over the rooftops aboutIt was an awesome compact powerhouse of a vacuum called the Shark "Rocket".  I am in love with it!  This handy dandy little bugger has zipped around my bohemian pad and has gotten the dirty job done.  This dirty job does involve a constant flow of spilled pellets from my only heat source (the pellet stove) and endless dust from our dry Colorado climate (along with the wood pellets I use for the stove).  I am very pleased with this little vacuum.  I didn't think it would suck up those fallen wood pellets, but it sure did!  It also easily hangs on the wall for compact storage in a small space like mine.  You can pick one up on QVC with all the fancy attachments, like I have.  I am a big fan!  This QVC version is only $164.80, instead of the normal retail price of $240 elsewhere with all those extra goodies. 

I hope you are inspired to do some creative organizing in the laundry room! 



Organization Love is coming soon!

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Creative inspiration is on the way!  I am so extremely fascinated and inspired by creative organization.  I love seeing how creative people oganize their space.  In this new inspiration series, I will bring you fantastic DIY organization for every room in the house.  Get ready for artful organization ideas with our new series called "Organization Love" coming soon! 


How's your New Year coming?

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Aren't fresh starts awesome?  The truth is, everyday of the year has the potential to be a fresh start.  It's just a lot more fun when the whole world is on the same page with you on getting it kicked off! 

I wanted to share my absolute favorite tools for starting out the New Year right.  If you want an amazing biz and life that you'll love, check out Leonie Dawson's workbooks belowThey are my absolute "go too" in order to start out the New Year with a crisp game plan including all the things that make me happy.  I hope you love them too!


Happy New Year from Vintage Renewal!  Cheers, to all the new dreams and goals you will make come true in the year ahead!

Happy Christmas Wreath Roundup!

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Christmas is near!  Happy Wreaths will spread Christmas cheer! 

Let's begin with Pom Pom's.  Yes, we love them, and just cannot get enough!  Check out the inspiring Pom Pom Wreaths below.  Click on images for the sources.

How about Yarn Wrapped Wreaths?  We love the creations from this fabulous Etsy shop.

Why not upcycle with some fab things around the house?

Or use Mother Nature as your inspiration with Wood Slices, Feathers and Leaves! 

We can't forget to mention our favorite Vintage Inspired Wreaths:

Happy Wreath making from Vintage Renewal!




Want to Create an Online Artist Porfolio?

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Have you been wanting to create an online artist porfolio?  Have a gander at this advice we whipped up for Indiemade:

Get Big Style on a Little Budget.

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If you are looking for amazing Creative Resources for designing on the cheap, then look no further!  We've got you covered!  Check out this article we wrote for "Where to Find Cheap Materials to Reduce Your Costs":

Issuu- Hanker Magazine # 3

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Issue Three of the Australian Magazine Hanker is live.  Contributions from myself and Matt Schroeder are on pages 14 and 15.  American woman is playing in my head right now.  xoxoxo

Click on the images below to see the article on Issuu:


Image by Matt Schroeder of AVP Fly

Eclectic Trees to Light up your Holiday!

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Who says you have to hang your lights "around" the Christmas Tree?  Why not use the lights as the Christmas Tree?  

We rounded up these inspirational eclectic trees for your viewing pleasure.

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Simply string up lights in a triangle shape using manila tags as ornaments, beautiful! 


Zigzag your way to a perfect tree, like this beauty from the She's Lovely Blog.


Draw a tree template on packing paper or on a chalkboard wall, then hang your lights and ornaments to adorn it.  Adorable! 


Use driftwood as your guide for a wonderful woodland effect!



Who says the tree lights have to be inside?  This adorable setup brings Christmas cheer to the outdoors. 


We hope these ideas light up your day!  Happy Holidays from Vintage Renewal.




All That Glitters Is Gold!

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Shimmer your way into the Holidays with this inspirational gathering of Glitter DIY's ideas for the Christmas season!

If you've got glitter and cardboard, you are on your way to a starry Christmas with these adorable Glitter Stars from A Fanciful Twist. 


Grab the Sunday paper, some paper towels and glitter to create a fab mini Glitter Tree for Christmas cheer! 


Leave it to Martha to come up with this adorable Tinsel Snowflake Step-by-Step:


Hold the fort though!  Martha really outdid herself with this adorable mini DIY for Glittered Deer Table Decoration:


Get inspired by these Glitter Acorns by Etsy Seller The Midnight Orange:


We can't believe that Dollar Store fruit and glitter could bring us this much joy!  Check out these amazing Pears pinned from We Heart It!

Source: We Heart It

We hope that these clever ideas get your creating juices going for the Holidays!  Black Friday is upon us, and it's time to get decorating friends!

Happy Holidays from our home to yours!




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